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The Nano-BioMicroscopy team (NabLab)


Nanoscale investigations in/of the complex matter using advanced light microscopy


Our projets are led by 3 principal investigators (Pierre Bon, CNRS researcher;  Etienne Gaufrès, CNRS researcher & Laurent Cognet ,CNRS research director) working together at the cross roads between nanoscience, optics and bio-imaging in order to design and study innovative synthetic nanostructures and to investigate complex biological systems at the nanoscale.

Our work is related to the general fields of single particule tracking, super-resolution microscopy, quantitative phase imaging, 1D nanostructures' spectroscopy (e.g. carbon & boron nanotubes), neurophotonics and oncophotonics.

Team Members

Alberto AGUILAR-MORA                  Postdoctoral Fellow

Akhtar BAYAT                                      Postdoctoral Fellow

Adeline BOYREAU                              Biology engineer, IE Univ. Bordeaux (part time)


​Quentin GARCON                               Ph.D Student

Quentin GRESIL                                  Undergraduate Student

Antony LEE                                          ARC Postdoctoral Fellow

Guillaume MAUCORT                        Ph.D Student

Somen NANDI                                     Postdoctoral Fellow

Minh-Chau NGUYEN                          Postdoctoral Fellow

Chiara PAVIOLO                                   Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow

Apolline SIMON                                  Ph.D Student (co-advisor with S. Mornet, ICMCB)

ERC projects


Our team hosts two ERC funded projects:

- the SPECIPHIC project awarded to Pierre Bon (ERC Starting Grant) 

- the ENSEMBLE project awarded to Laurent Cognet (ERC Synergy) together with Laurent Groc, Erwan Bézard and Valentin Nägerl from the Bordeaux Neurocampus.

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