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Located in the Institut d'Optique d'Aquitaine, the Fablab designs and makes pieces for the LP2N members, for teachning and IOGS students, as well for the hosted enteprises, under the technical responability and management of an assistant engineer (Jordan Swietlicki) and the supervision of a research engineer (Giorgio Santarelli).

Activities at the Fablab:

  • Mechanical and electronical designing

  • Prototyping, making, do-it-yourself

  • Possibility of programming

  • Welding stations

  • Photography studio

  • Optical and electronical measurements

Salle principale
Espace électronique
Studio photo




The Fablab owns several optical and electronical measurement instruments that can be used and borrowed (for most of them)

  • Thermal camera

    Scanner 3D
  • Colorimeter

  • Integrating sphere

  • Polarimeter

  • High/Low frequency generators

  • Wavefront analysers

  • 3D Scanner

  • Etc...

Complete list of Fablab instruments, details and technical documentations:


Production possibilities :

  • 3D printing with resins and filaments: Zortrax Inkspire, Ultimaker 2 extended, Ultimaker 3 extended

    Ultimaker 2 extended
    Zortrax Inkspire
  • Digital milling: CharlyRobot 2U

  • Laser cutting/engraving: Emblaser 2

  • PCB production: Technodrill 3

  • Large format printing (ex: posters A0): Canon IPF770

    Tampons 3D
    Circuit spectromètre
    Circuit diode Laser
Complete list of Fablab machines, technical documentations and files needed:


Swietlicki Jordan

  • Scientific instrumentation assistant engineer

  • Technical manager of the Fablab (50%) and of Practical works (50%)

Contact Information:


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