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Photonics in Micro & Nanostructures

Study the collective properties of wave (either matter or electromagnetic) in the presence of nanostructured media.

In optics, the current understanding of the properties of periodic structures have reached a good degree of maturity, thanks to the initial works on grating diffraction, photonic crystals and metamaterials. In sharp contrast, model or design recipes to tailor the optical properties of complex (e.g. quasi-ordered, disordered) and hybrid media are still in their infancy. The development of new theoretical and numerical tools able to cope with such complex systems is a central subject of the axis.

In parallel, important efforts are being put onto integrating nanophotonics and atomic physics, with possibilities to provide new routes for quantum networks and enable exploration of quantum many-body physics with engineered atom-photon interaction.

Finally, coherent phenomena involving electrons or photons in the optical interaction with metal nanostructures are investigated, which may enable important advances in optical information processing at deep subwavelength scales.


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