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PhD offer: Atom interferometry in microgravity

The ICE project aims to develop a matter wave interferometer with two atomic species operating in microgravity. The development of a portable experiment for free fall test (airbus 0g) is underway in collaboration with ONERA and SYRTE and led to the world’s first demonstration of the use of atomic inertial sensor onboard and microgravity. Ultimately, we will carry out an initial comparison of atomic accelerometers with two different atomic species (potassium and rubidium) at 10 pm/s2, allowing to test the universality of free fall (equivalence principle). The project objectives are validation of the various technical and technological choices being made on the experiment and a new design of an improved version with a coherent source (Bose Einstein condensate) using the full potential of microgravity .

The aim of the thesis is to study a multiaxis atomic inertial sensor compact running in microgravity. Indeed, although the preferred direction for the test of the equivalence principle is the vertical, the movement of the device attached to the aircraft or satellite can cause systematic errors. Multi-axis operation will determine the precise orientation of the sensor and thus get rid of these errors. The development of this new generation of sensor based on the use of a ultra-cold two species atomic source is already under development in the laboratory. It will require tests of different geometries of atomic interferometer and will require extensive expertise in the following areas: atomic physics and ultra-cold gases, lasers, electronics, control, computing and signal processing.

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directeur de thèse: P. Bouyer, thematique: Ondes et matieres, project: ICE

theseICE2013 (DOCX / 26,86 kB)

PhD proposal: slow light in periodic nanowaveguides

directeur de thèse: P. Lalanne, thématique: Matériaux artificielles et matériaux quantiques, projet: slow light

2012 slow light_PhD_Bordeaux (DOCX / 227,17 kB)